Goose poop!

Go figure. Here I take the time to go rolling in the lovely, fresh poop that the Canada geese left at our pond this afternoon, then rush into the house to show Mom what a good girl I am. Instead of affirmation/adoration, I'm hurled into the tub! Mom DOUBLE shampooed me. I've never heard her use that kind of language before...
Goes to show, humans will forever be a mystery, wrapped in an enigma.


OK. Take a deep breath and relax. Mom just brought home a new iRobot, a vacuum cleaner with a computerized brain. This morning, she walked over to the little round, yellow thing, pressed a button on its back and, gaaa!!! It took off around the upstairs rooms, bandoliers roaring like some kind of above level ground, futuristic ogre. I quickly took refuge on the bed; Daisy followed it around intently as it sucked up the dust bunnies, and Ivan (pictured) launched a full-out C&C attack on the bugger. As if I didn’t hate the Dyson enough. Now, this. Damage assessment: Code Red.

Got a thirst

My pal Kayla moved to Palm Springs, California with her Mom recently and I miss her! Her Mom sent us a pic of Kayla getting a drink at a water fountain. It's HOT in Palm Springs!

Strange beauty

Mom took this blur of a photo of me running with one of my many, many toys. But look at the weird coloration & effects! I AM a bit of an ethereal beauty...