Day at the dog park!

New friends!

Daisy can't stop running

Daisy: It's HOT, Mom!

Ivan: It's REALLY hot , Mom!

Daisy: It's really, really hot, Mom!

Karma: Admire my tongue...

Karma: The world is a big place!

Over the river and through the woods...

Run in the park

Daisy: Oh dear, the ball is in the water...

Should I go for it?

Got it!

I'm coming back!


Hot dog! Mom took us all to the dog park in Stony Creek today. It was HOT, but we had a great time! Met some new friends, swam in the pond, rolled in assorted smelly things, ate grass, ran madcap through the woods, AND, Daisy fetched her first ball from deep water (had to swim out to get it). Mom was so proud! A great time was had by all! Afterwards, we went home for long drinks of water and a nap on the bed with mom. Life is good.

I'm ready!

We are going for a ride, aren't we???

The blues

Baron Bruno von Barker

Mom is sad today. She got to thinking about Bruno and I could see that she needed some dog love, so I let her kiss me on the face, something I hate. But sometimes, you've got to give a little. We miss you lots, Bruno!

Oh no not I, I will survive...

Ivan and me

Daisy in the back seat

Ivan and me again

Yay! We're going home!!!

Ack! A day at the groomers! 5 hours in the third circle of hell! Sure was glad when Mom picked us all up. I couldn't get home fast enough. Still, I think I look pretty good...Here's us heading home.

Chillin' in my Harley hat

I just love this article I found in a recent issue of Bark magazine. Mom loves it too:


What a pawty! Today marks the first year anniversary Mom and I hooked up at the shelter. We decided to make it my birthday/anniversary day, since neither of my former LAME guardians knew when I was actually born (lost the paperwork...riiight...). Anyway, July 9 is my NEW birthday and we paw-tied down! Homemade bacon/chicken jerky, presents, song, and even a card from grandma! Daisy stole some of my new toys. Still, life is good....

In Memory

Baron Bruno von Barker
April 23, 1998 - July 5, 2007
We miss you, baby.
(here with Lumpkin the rabbit)