Teddy, Ivan and I do as we please. Don't we, guys?

Carpe carne

Chicken thighs!

Spring gardening

Well, Mom turned the compost pile this morning, and I came along (with Ivan and Daisy) to oversee the operation. Believe me you, the smells were heavenly! I just love a compost pile in spring. I played in the woods a bit afterward. Smell that spring air!

Balanced diet

Spinach is good.

Cheese is better.

Food-wise, Mom makes sure I get a little of everything (within reason). I love cheese! And I even eat spinach off a fork. But I like cheese better. This afternoon, we had both. Yums!


I loathe these infantile, jejune blogsites...

Do you smell that?

Spring is in the air...

More beach photos

Day at the beach

What a day! Mom took all of us to Guilford beach for an afternoon of romping, swimming, sniffing, eating, rolling, barking, growling, playing, lurching, peeing, stalking, lunging, fighting, posing for pictures, etc. It was cold but sunny and I caught a whiff of spring! I get very contemplative at the water; but this doesn't deter from having a good time. Still, I get to thinking about the big questions...like, where does beef jerky come from? Why does Mom smell like cream soda? Should I have eaten those purple Mardis Gras beads?

Birthday Paw-ty

OK so Mom wants to celebrate EVERYONE'S birthday. We like! Sister Daisy turned 4 last week! We got together with some like-minded people (plus grandma) and dogs and got jiggy with it.
Daisy with grandma

Card from Grandma

I just wanted to look at some of Daisy's presents!

I love pink cake

So does Ivan

Mad Hatter

This blog is about me, but I can't resist posting this pic of my big sister Daisy Sage in her Stetson. Yee-haww!!!