Day at the beach

What a day! Mom took all of us to Guilford beach for an afternoon of romping, swimming, sniffing, eating, rolling, barking, growling, playing, lurching, peeing, stalking, lunging, fighting, posing for pictures, etc. It was cold but sunny and I caught a whiff of spring! I get very contemplative at the water; but this doesn't deter from having a good time. Still, I get to thinking about the big, where does beef jerky come from? Why does Mom smell like cream soda? Should I have eaten those purple Mardis Gras beads?


Hammer said...

Hi Karma
This is a lovely photo of you .. you are very pretty.
Love from Hammer

Karma Innen said...

Hi Hammer!

You're awfully cute too! I love your hat :)

XO Karma